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Diving Program

Any Bishop McDevitt High School student that wishes to participate on the high school's swimming and diving team AS A DIVER must register with a local training program. Bishop McDevitt students are strongly encouraged to register with the age group & high school diving program under the direction of John Ricci. The rules for participation in the diving program and adherence to the policies and payments set forth by Coach Ricci and his staff should be followed explicitly.

Age Group & High School Diving Program

Bishop McDevitt students and their parents should contact Coach Ricci for any changes or additions to the information listed below.

What: Fall/Winter diving program designed for divers 12 years of age and up and High School divers. The program will include: stretching/flexibility basics, strength development activities, and drills for the forward and backward takeoffs. Divers will learn basic to advanced springboard diving mechanics. Participants will begin performing the very basic dives and progress to the more complex dives. Age group meets will be held for younger divers and High School aged divers will be prepared for their High School meets.

When: Begins Monday, October 21, 2019 and ends on Thursday, March 11, 2020

Where: Practices are held at the Milton Hershey School Spartan Center swimming pool directly behind the skating rink.

Days and Times: Monday – Friday 5:00 to 6:45 pm. (See attached schedule for Oct./ Nov. 2019)

Age group meets will be held on weekends.

The diving coaches will keep a calendar posted on the pool deck of the days practices will be held and when the practices will be canceled due to High School meets.

Age group meets will be held on weekends.

Monthly fees:
$150 due at first practice

$125 due on 12/2/2019

January $125 due on 1/6/2020

February $125 due on 2/3/2020

Lifeguard Fee: $25.00 fee from each diver per month payable to John Ricci - covers the costs of the lifeguards. Due at first practice and each month thereafter.

Required Insurance: 2019-2020 AAU membership. Please complete the attached registration form and forward to John Ricci with a check for $15. Send in advance to John at 6 Summit Drive, Palmyra, Pa 17078 or bring to 1st practice on 10/21. This fee covers the club membership, insurance certificates for each facility we practice at and your AAU membership. You will not be allowed to practice until this fee is paid. Membership is good until 08-31-2020.


John Ricci – - 717-370-1881 (Please direct all questions to John)

Eric Bomberger and Jonas Ricci will assist at times.

Practices are held at the Milton Hershey School Spartan Center swimming pool directly behind the skating rink.

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Club Diving Registration Form 2018-19.pdf5.61 KB
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